Sshh! Soft Come the Dragons

Welcome to Soft Come The Dragons. A blog dedicated to reading and writing. This is where I plan to sound out my ideas on the art of writing. I’ll also review the novels I’ve read and try to break them down from a writing point of view.

I’d like to think of myself as an eclectic reader. But let me just add to that loftish statement that I am a huge fan of horror. The dark horrors of the world, both imagined and real, strike a chord with me. Horror, as an emotion, is closely related to empathy and it is this fact that I think that makes the genre so appealing.

I also plan to put up a few short stories from time to time. My output here has become a lot more frequent than in the past. And although I am sending them out into the world to try and find a home (and hopefully send me back a publishing credit), I’ll still put a few up here. It will also make a great archive for me to measure my progress as a writer.

So if you like writing or are interested in book reviews, mainly of the horror genre then please subscribe and wait for the posts to come rolling in. Sshh! Hear that? Here they come.